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Conviviality: In Phnom Penh, in addition to the numerous cultural activities, KHUON TOUR invite your guests for a typical Khmer lunch, beside the mighty Mekong. Other guests will join the party to enliven conversations about everyday life in Cambodia. Princess Cindy, wife of Prince Sisowath, participates regularly in these friendly and informal welcome lunches.


Imagination: We consistently offer your customers the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with local people. KHUON TOUR visits within the archaeological site of Angkor are interspersed with surprising discoveries off the beaten path. Thus, when other agencies offer a voyeuristic experience, KHUON TOUR offers… an activity! As an example, the traditional and passive visit to the "Crocodile Farm" - where tourists walk on a bridge overlooking the crowded animals - is not in the spirit of KHUON TOUR. Instead, KHUON TOUR invites their customers to meet people involved in their traditional Crocodile breeding farm and even get the opportunity to touch the baby crocs. This farm, exclusively reserved for KHUON TOUR clients, is owned by the uncle of Visal Khuon vice governor of the province.


Discovery: On the edge of the Gulf of Siam, our cousin in the Navy takes KHUON TOUR clients to a private island surrounded by pristine sand and coconut palms. There the clients have the opportunity to go snorkeling or fishing, as they are provided with a mask, snorkel and fishing rod FOC. Back on shore, they are invited to a seafood meal which unveils some secrets of the local cuisine.


Quality and Safety: All our tours are made in the true spirit of KHUON TOUR:


      English speaking guides and professional drivers, specially trained for our tours

      Cars, insured and maintained

      Same vehicle, regardless of the length of the tour, unlike some other agencies

      Rigorous selection of hotels and restaurants which provide the best service and value for money

      Attractive prices, quotes within 24H

      Personalized welcome on behalf of your agency: KHUON TOUR become your extension in Cambodia

      Excellent reputation that KHUON TOUR has built day after day for 6 years. Many words of praise for KHUON TOUR on web sites like TripAdvisor or Backpacker's Guide.


 For its beauty and cultural wealth, Cambodia is safe and easy to sell. KHUON TOUR team assists you in all your requests with clear answers.


Please find on this web site the information to help you in selling Cambodia tours.


To provide customer satisfaction and promote a positive image of your agency, join KHUON SERVICE, your partner and operator in Cambodia.



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2 circuits 12 jours "spécial fête des eaux en novembre"

Les photos des régions du Cambodge :

Siem Reap
Phnom Penh
Lac Tonlé Sap
Les campagnes
Kompong Chhnang
Réserve ornithologique


Les photos des temples du Cambodge :

Angkor Wat
Bantey Srei
Groupes des Roluos
Kobal Spien
Le Bayon
Neak Pean
Prasat Kravan
Preah Khan
Ta Phrom et Ta Keo
Ta Som
Terrassse Roi Lepreux et des Elephans


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Hôtels au Cambodge :

Phnom Penh
Siem Reap
Les Hôtels du Cambodge et du Vietnam


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Circuit à Phnom Penh groupe ou individuel
Circuit Siem Reap les temples du Cambodge
Cambodge circuit Sihanoukville
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Les circuits à combiner au Cambodge

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Circuit 4 jours à Phnom Penh
Circuit 5 jours Siem Reap les temples d'Angkor
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